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Graces Story...

Grace was 5 1/2 when when we were on vacation and she fell ill. After being rushed to the local hospital, a CT scan showed Grace had a tumor on her skull, which turned out to be a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing Sarcoma. Upon returning home, Grace began receiving treatment at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA from the wonderful doctors and staff. During that very challenging and uncertain time for our family, our community of friends were here to help in many ways. An endless parade of food was dropped at our door. Gifts, cards, and our boys were

treated to ball games, and play dates that never left them feeling lonely. We were overwhelmed by the care that everyone gave us.

Grace is now in remission and we would like to give back. Grace's Basket Foundation was established to help less fortunate families whose children are also battling life-threatening illnesses with the same love and support.

In addition to the grueling emotional toll, many families face harsh financial realities during their child's treatment. Some families can't visit or bring them to treatment due to soaring gas and transportation costs. For others, they lack the money to buy groceries for their children, and other family members, when they complete treatment and go home. Our family is blessed that she is once again the happy, healthy, gregarious young girl who is greatly loved, but we know that there are so many other families who need our assistance.

Our friends and family put aside whatever was happening in their lives to support us. They showed us that while we had the resources to take care of our family through this crisis, what really got us through was the love and help they provided. Grace's Basket Foundation is made in their honor.

UCLA Health System Auxiliary

Attention: Hanna Fairchild

1001 Gayley Avenue, 2nd floor #17

Los Angeles, CA 90095-7161

UCLA Auxillary/Grace's Basket
"Helping families when they need it most..."
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