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What We Do...

“Grace's Basket is a non-profit foundation committed to helping children who are receiving treatment at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology Department. We strive to comfort these families by providing groceries, gas gift cards, and financial support to help during this crisis.” To see more watch our  Video Clip - HERE.

Gas Gift Cards

Gas gift cards have been critically important in helping families travel to be with their hospitalized children or to take them to the clinic for outpatient treatment.


Since a number of our families do not have their own transportation, the gift cards have been particularly useful in reaching out for help from friends or family members.


Grocery shopping provides assistance to families undergoing treatment at Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA. Food can easily be taken for granted when families have the primary concern of supporting a child in the hospital. Parents who are spending all their time at the hospital don't have the ability to work, visit their child and get necessary errands done, such as grocery shopping. Healthy and easily-stored foods are the most ideal form of sustenance. A grocery gift card is also provided so they can get fresh dairy, meat and poultry when they have the time.


In a health crisis, one parent often has to stop working to care for their sick child. This greatly reduces the family income and puts their usually tight budget under greater strain. Paying the rent, utilities, car repairs, and sadly, end-of-life expenses becomes a burden. A sick child who gets discharged from the hospital after they have received chemo or other life-saving treatment needs a warm, safe home to return to.

We want to make sure that when they go home, that all of those things are there for them to recover in comfort.

UCLA Health System Auxiliary

Attention: Hanna Fairchild

1001 Gayley Avenue, 2nd floor #17

Los Angeles, CA 90095-7161

UCLA Auxillary/Grace's Basket
"Helping families when they need it most..."
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